Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Spirit Of Giving Released!

My Christmas-themed story `The Spirit of Giving` is out now from Phaze!!

Stolen Christmas gifts by an inept thief set in motion an unlikely relationship between two young men that blossoms into something more.

Check it out here!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Shifting Back is out from Torquere Press!!

Shifting Back edited by Rob Knight

Historical werewolves. Arthurian shapeshifters. That's what Shifting Back is all about. Compiling stories from the Wild West to the lush jungles of India, Shifting Back takes on the past, giving the good old days some animal magnetism.

Sean Michael's Law of the Jungle takes on a pirate and his unexpected gift. With Wings to Fly, by Kara Larson hearkens back to Arthurian legend, and to a shapeshifter with druidic heritage. Serpents, by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks explores the world of scaled djinns and great cobras, while Cat Kane looks at the more traditional werewolf in A Matter of Choice. Finally, BA Tortuga explores old west cat people in Snake Oil. From sea battles to gun fights, Shifting Back has the best of both historical romance and the world of the shapeshifter.

Get your paws on it today!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Reviews for "Hung Up"

Billy is a rodeo rider going through a bit of bad luck. Spence is a rodeo vet trying to recover from a betrayal by someone he worshipped. The two men meet at a small country bar and Billy sets out to woo Spence. While Billy is wooing Spence, Billy’s sponsor suggests they bribe someone so Billy can get the best rides. Billy tells his sponsor to do what he wants as long as he leaves Billy out of it. It all blows up in Billy’s face and he risks losing all he loves, including Spence.

Cat Kane created a tender story in Hung Up. Billy is incredibly likeable even when he is breaking the rules. Spence is a wounded soul afraid to trust again. When Billy succeeds in seducing Spence the scene is very hot. I will admit to tearing up when Billy’s betrayal becomes known. Hung Up is a beautiful story.

Two Lips Reviews

"Hung Up" by Cat Kane was a powerful, intense and moving story about two delightful yet flawed characters who had secrets that tore their relationship up until they were able to work their ways (separately) around the issues. That story deserved a five stars plus rating and I wish Kane would turn it into a full length novel and develop the characters and their backgrounds more. This book is an excellent read both for the plot line and the erotic substance. Enjoy.

K.Peoples, Amazon.com

Sanctuary: The Four of Swords by Cat Kane

Jay is on his way to a retreat, leaving LA and his Hollywood job behind to deal with his anger management issues. Popping an A-list star in the nose isn’t great for the career. He thinks he’s found the end of the earth, and Jay just knows he’s going to be bored to tears.

Then he meets Noah, the grandson of the retreat owner, and the slow life suddenly seems a heck of a lot more interesting. Noah may be young and optimistic, but he’s got a much better handle on life than Jay. Can he teach Jay about the things that are really important?

Find out today!