Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chasing Butterflies Release Date

Just as summer actually seems to be starting over here in the UK, my "Summer Lovin'" novella, Chasing Butterflies, will be released on Monday June 28th, from Liquid Silver Books!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Human Nature Review

Christina at Romance Junkies Reviews had this to say about "Human Nature":

"The atmosphere in HUMAN NATURE is very tense and feels very antiquated. It pulled me into the story right away. I found myself forgetting that the novel has a contemporary setting. Gage is a mysterious and intriguing character. Throughout the story I found myself wanting to know more about him. I was filled with questions and I couldn’t wait to discover the answers. Randall is also a very interesting and surprising character. Despite his life long service to Gage, he is an independent person. I admired his determination to do what is right even if it means going against the man he loves. The relationship between the three heroes is strong and felt very believable to me. HUMAN NATURE by Cat Kane is a compelling paranormal romance."

Read the whole review here!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Coming Soon -- "Chasing Butterflies"

"Chasing Butterflies", a contemporary m/m romance, will be out soon from Liquid Silver Books as part of their `Summer Lovin'` theme. Stay tuned for more details, or keep up to date on the LSB forum. Meanwhile, here's the blurb!


When a heat-wave wrecks Nolan Brooks' rental car, leaving him stranded in a sleepy little Tennessee town, the goal of spending the summer running his best friend's beach-side bar begins to flutter out of reach. He's trying to be responsible and ambitious for the first time in his life, and spending the weekend at a local festival celebrating the migration of the Purple Lacewing butterfly doesn't fit into those plans.

But he's stuck for the duration, and making the best of a bad situation doesn't seem so difficult when a shortage of hotel rooms means he's spending it with the charming, if mysterious, Gray Ashton. Gray isn't too fond of tourists, but despite his misgivings, it seems he'll make an exception for Nolan.

When Nolan succumbs to the charms of the town, the butterflies, and Gray, he has to re-evaluate what he really wants. But the secrets in Gray's past and the obligations in Nolan's future won't make that any easier than chasing butterflies


Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Review

Just Erotic Romance Reviews (you can find their Yahoo Group here) gave "Afterthought" 4 Stars and said:

"The idea of Paths and Empaths is not a new thing but this story uses it in a very interesting way. The language is beautifully descriptive and I enjoyed just reading the words. The growth of the relationship between Vance and Ayan seems very natural, they settle into a rhythm that just seemed real. Ayan appears to be the sweet na├»ve innocent in need of protection but as the story goes on, you see an inherent strength in the character that even he seems unaware of. Vance is a self-centered idiot, only out for himself until Ayan starts to make an impact on his life. Small changes that are hardly noticeable unless you are looking for them end up bringing Vance’s character to a more well-rounded place. The intimate scenes between Ayan and Vance were hot and sexy and the Empath/Path relationship added an extra dimension of feeling. The book took awhile to get going, but the set up was necessary for the plot. The author did manage to surprise me with the twists and turns the story took and I thoroughly enjoyed the secondary plot of the story. Afterthought is a well written, hot paranormal with very interesting ideas and theories."

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Couple Of New Reviews...

...and news that "Human Nature" made the Top 20 Liquid Silver Books of 2009! Check out the list in full here. Congrats to everyone on the list, and thank you for reading!

In the meantime, a couple of new reviews have been posted for Human Nature and Afterthought.

Rainbow Reviews gave "Human Nature" four stars, and said:

"Cat Kane delivers a m/m/m love story crackling with sexual tension, but also the tensions of power dynamics. All three vie to learn their place in relation to the others, while keeping their dignity and having their deepest needs met. It's an uneasy balancing act. Given Gage's and Dominic's need to dominate, the sex in this novel has the ring of BDSM to it. The balance of pleasure and pain sharpens the story's climax."

Read the review in full here.

Joyfully Reviewed had this to say about "Afterthought":

"Afterthought is an intriguing, sexy tale with unexpected twists and turns along the way. Clever, fascinating characters – heroes and villains alike make Afterthought more than your average fantasy tale. There is a somewhat dark, moody gothic flavor to this modern day story that stands out which I liked. Afterthought has an intense vibe revolving around a relationship, trust and fate. This isn’t ‘lite’ entertainment, but it is definitely entertaining."

Read the review in full here.