Sunday, December 13, 2009

Human Nature Reviews

Human Nature is a Top Pick over at Night Owl Romance, who gave it 4.5 Stars.

Human Nature is a story of cynicism, world-weariness, and of trying to do your best while staying true to yourself. It is also a story of what looks like betrayal - and is up to a point - but is nothing more than a man trying to stay true to himself, even knowing that he might lose the trust of someone he loves. It is about finding love in spite of, or maybe even because of, differences that seem insurmountable at first sight. Good reading!"

Literary Nymphs Reviews gave it 4.5 Nymphs, and said:

Cat Kane’s release Human Nature is definitely going to keep you enthralled. I will admit, between the three characters, Dominic drew me into the storyline more. His inability to completely back down and allow Gage to be the master of his territory kept the story interesting. Randall wore his heart on his sleeve, and I believe he was a bit too much of a pushover for Gage. While it wasn’t ingrained in him to challenge Gage, for some reason I think Gage would have enjoyed the opportunity to put him firmly back in his place. The story takes place in a beautiful wooded area far enough from civilization to create a cocoon around the men. Cat Kane builds the romance in this story at a moderate pace, and adds a dash of action to keep the story flowing. I enjoyed reading Human Nature."