Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Under This Cowboy's Hat, edited by Rob Knight -- available in print and ebook

The cowboy is a larger than life figure, a legend of the American west. But he's also very much a part of modern life, whether he rides a horse or a pick-up truck, whether he works cattle or works the rodeo circuit.

Under this Cowboy's Hat is all about the cowboy, his life and loves, his work and his play. Each story takes a slice of a cowboy's life and serves it up hot, letting the reader in on a world most folks only dream about.

Masked Riders, by Parhelion, is set in 1860s California. Richne'er-do-well Jesse is sent to a relation's ranch to deal with a ghost rider who seems Hell bent on making trouble. When Wardley Bridger is sent along to keep Jesse out of trouble, sparks fly. On the trail or off, these two have to deal with their feelings for each other, and try to solve the mystery of the masked rider.

In Hung Up, by Cat Kane, rodeo cowboy Billy is looking for a little companionship. When he finds Spence, he thinks he might have just what he needs. But Spence has secrets he's not sure he wants to share, and Billy has something to hide as well. Can these two learn to trust?

Rounding out this trip of stories is Ricochet, by BA Tortuga. Holt is coming off a bad break-up. So bad that it's left him with holes that are physical as well as mental. His old friend Teague comes to help him find his way home, back to Texas, and the life he thought he'd lost forever. Can they stand strong against the ricochet of Holt's past?

Get Under this Cowboy's Hat today and see what makes the men tick!

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