Monday, February 11, 2008

"The Sun Child" is out from Torquere Press!!


Years ago, Yaotl left his Aztec village to lead the life a soldier, but he has never forgotten a boy he met when he was a child, or the shell he gave his new friend to keep safe. When Yaotl returns to his village, much has changed, and he's in charge of keeping someone else safe, Eztli, the Sun God's vessel

Eztli is nothing like Yaotl's people. Blond and green eyed, strangely seductive, he calls to Yaotl, who does not believe that Eztli is meant to be a sacrifice. When the tribe begins to resent Yaotl questioning their beliefs, he knows he's on to something, Can he save Eztli and love him at the same time?

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