Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Review!

Literary Nymphs have a great review of "The Sun Child" here!!

They gave it 5 Nymphs, and said:

"Returning home from a hunting trip, Yaotl is informed that it is time to start his duties as guardian to the Sun Child, the human incarnation of the Sun God. When Yaotl is presented to him, the Sun Child requests that Yaotl refer to him as Eztli, his real name. Neither man can resist the attraction between them, nor does Yaotl believe that Eztli is truly the Sun Child. Eztli knows the truth; he is an orphan stolen from his village as a child, and raised by the priests to be a sacrifice. Yaoti is faced with losing the man he loves or exposing the deception.

The Sun Child: The Eight of Cups is a sensuous and brilliantly compelling story of how myths and rituals are performed as a scheme to take advantage of peoples ignorance. Ezytli has blond hair and green eyes, which is uncommon among the tribe. Cat Kane provides a marvelous example of how righteous illusions are used to pacify the people rather than explore new ways to support finding a resolution. This is an outstanding and very enjoyable read."

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