Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Afterthought -- Release Date: September 21st 2009

"Afterthought" will be available from Liquid Silver Books on Monday, September 21st!

When you're choosing between right and wrong, sometimes love is just an afterthought.

Telepath Vance Gregory never thought that taking down high-powered underworld Path Marcus Rose would be easy. When his enemy proves to be a far more formidable danger than Vance anticipates, he has no choice but to join forces with Ayan, a beautiful low-level Path with mysterious connections to Marcus.

Captured by Vance's organization during a bungled ambush on Marcus, Ayan had no intention of helping them achieve their ends. But Vance isn't like anyone he's known. Given a glimpse of how life with him might be beyond the uncertain society they inhabit, Ayan agrees to Vance's plans.

Neither of them expect the intense attraction, nor the explosive mental bond it forges. And when Ayan's powers begin to spike out of control, neither of them want to face the unpredictable dangers that could tear them apart.

With Ayan at his side, Vance sets out to remove the threat Marcus poses to the Path community. But Marcus isn't that easy to kill, and when Ayan turns out to be vital to Marcus's continued existence, Vance has to choose between the enemy he hates or the man he loves

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